Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby Update + December/January Photo Catch-Up

My due date has come and gone and no new baby yet.  And I'm not in labor (despite two separate Facebook posts to the contrary!  Apparently there were a couple miscommunications among family members...).  My midwife suspected I might go a little ways past my due date this time, based on the baby's size and position these past few weeks.  But we think it will be soon...

For those who've thoughtfully inquired about gifts...this is our third baby, we're really not expecting gifts!  I almost went ahead and made a wish list anyway because a few people have asked about one but really, we don't need anything.  We've already recieved some very thoughtful items, been blessed with loads of hand-me-downs, and have a house full of baby gear, toys, etc.  So warm wishes are more than enough this time around!

Looks like I haven't posted photos here since before Christmas...

another zoo trip

quirky christmas lights


san angelo thrift store

connecting connectagons

sisters playing

self-administered haircut

an new zoo


dusk at the playground


another new zoo

feverish in bed (but somehow not too miserable)



See you next time, surely with a new baby in our midst!

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