Saturday, October 26, 2013

Instagrams + Insta Outtakes

Here are some Instagram favorites, including quite a few "outtakes" (photos I uploaded to/edited on Instagram but never actually posted...I seem to do this often).

with Grandpa

 boot-shaped carrot
 in bed

 little man
 furniture for sale
 camp fire at Garner State Park
 at Deep Eddy Pool
 sunset at Deep Eddy
 Thai Fresh
 pet store

 in our driveway
 splash pad
 conked out
 holding hands
 mini vacation
 day trip to Inner Space Caverns
 awkward family photo
 bunny ears
 funny face/watermelon plant
 happy boy
 making a glitter picture for Dad

 floor time
all three on swings
 big sister/little brother
 turtle island
 weeping willow
 too-big sunglasses
 Texas Memorial Museum

 Canoeing on Lady Bird Lake

 front porch tee-pee
 mushroom foraging
 cool weather duds
 big boy
 sunset in the park

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