Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall 2013 - Part II (a few more)

Here's some photos from that batch I was having trouble getting off my phone...

 More Halloween pics (sadly, we didn't do a family portrait this year!! Only car pics).

Making cauliflower soup

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall 2013 - Part II

Halloween Crew

We were a vampire family but this is one of the only times any of us (me) wore our fangs.
We went to a nice Halloween gathering at a friend's ranch outside of town, which is becoming a yearly tradition. 

I'm trying to include more photos of myself, since I'm usually hiding behind the camera.  I think Zoe took this one.
Our chicks, Goldie and Blackie.
We recently enjoyed our first visit to Emma Long park on Lake Travis.  This park was really nice but for a couple caveats:  Lots and lots of leaf cutter ants.  I've heard they have a mean bite.  And sooo many stickers!  We managed to avoid the ants well enough to not get bit but the stickers were a real problem (am I a wimp for complaining about stickers?).  They got all over us when we walked through the grass, and shoes helped but not really enough.  I don't know how you'd camp there, unless there aren't any growing in the camping area.  Luckily there was a small sandy beach free of the ants and stickers, which was the most appealing spot to be in anyway.

Zoe and Enrique measured the water depth with a stick.
And fed ducks.

My favorite 9-month-old.

I have some more photos from this bunch on my phone but I'm having some technical issues transferring them off my phone, so I'll add them if/when I figure it out.  See you next time!