Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Up until a couple weeks ago we had Zoe and Neva (ages 5 and 2) sharing a room and full size bed.  Zoe has been sleeping out of our bed for awhile now and Neva has just gotten there in the past few months.  We did a lot of co-sleeping with those two and I don't regret it but we needed a different arrangement with the third baby and so opted for a crib next to our bed (which lately has meant half the night in the crib and the other half in bed with me and Enrique).  But along with taking out the full bed and instead giving each of the girls their own twin, we also moved the baby's crib into their room.  So now it's like a little nursery in there.  Here's the new arrangement:

I had no idea how well this would go over and was prepared to move things around again if needed, but I am happy to report that so far it's going really great!  The baby and Neva both still typically wake up a few times in the night but Neva we just hand a bottle and leave and she's usually fine and Emilio, the same except a pacifier instead of a bottle, and he doesn't seem to have the expectation of moving into our bed that he had before, when he was right next to us.  I did a sort of sleep training lite with Emilio at about 5 months and he took to it quite well, which has been awesome.  It has resulted in no night feedings, and at bed and nap times I can often just lay him in his crib and walk away and he'll go to sleep.  It's amazing, and really it was fairly painless getting there, with no unbearable crying-it-out. Win-win!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

staying put

 our front steps
So, we've decided to stay put for the time being.  We really like our home here and it's miraculously amazingly affordable, unlike the rest of Austin (for us).  I thought we could find something outside the city for less but it's really not that much cheaper out of town (unless you go way out, in which case the cost of commuting somewhat cancels out the cheapness. And you're stuck way out of town, something I guess we're not quite sure we want).  So here we are.  Home sweet home.  I'm working on getting over the issues I was having with being here and instead putting attention on working on the space and making it more what I want, as best I can.