Tuesday, January 20, 2015

a new year!

Ahoy there!  Here are a few photos from a little over a week ago, one of our first adventures of the new year.  This hiking trail is just a few minutes drive from our house but this was our first time there (as a family, that is.  Enrique and I have both been before, pre-kids).

It was a good hike, and just in time to take advantage of the nice weather before it turned cold and wet for days on end.  Now we're back to nice again and enjoying the new year.  

Thanks for visiting, and I hope your 2015 is also off to a good start! xoxo

Sunday, January 11, 2015

summer to fall, fall into winter...

Hello there!  Once again, it's been sooo long since I last posted.  I've been taking way fewer photos these days, and blogging even less.  But here are some captures of last year, from summer up through the end of the year. 

house sitting a fig tree

petting (de-stingered) sting rays at austin aquarium

weird sand worm things
little green bug

littlest helper
smoothie face

new stamps, coloring them to make into refrigerator magnets

homemade paper dolls
in their halloween costumes
outdoor movie

bug catching
biggest helper

and spaghetti squash spaghetti is served! (we've been skipping grains when/where we can and this is one of our new favorite dishes)
not sure what's going on here. my kids don't know how to pose!
paper doll theater (from the black apple's paper doll primer)
more chicks (silkies!)

halloween (gandalf)
gandalf, bilbo, and thorin
plus elf and boern
another outdoor movie (we were the only ones there at first!  but quite a few other people did show up as it got darker)
another austin zoo visit

 washing dishes...and playing with soap
 free x-mas portrait (at least it was free!)
 christmas eve at garner state park
 christmas morning
christmas morning walk by the river (just about the best antidote to a sugar and toy loaded morning!)

up early with this little guy on our last morning

one last hike before hitting the road for home
 home again and yummy grain-free muffins (from "against all grain: meals made simple." love this cook book!)
i'm not the only fan :)
And that ends the year!  Hope you all had a good 2014 and nice December holiday.  Best wishes for the New Year!